What I Need To Know About Programmatic Marketing

What I Need To Know About Programmatic Marketing

You might have heard the term “programmatic marketing” being used by your marketing team. This new buzzword is not a fancy term designed to get you to increase your advertising and marketing spend. In fact, if anything, programmatic marketing actually promises to make your advertising and marketing much more cost efficient, and highly effective.

Basically, programmatic marketing allows you to target audiences much more specifically. You can target audiences based on a number of categories, including their age, and gender. You can target certain demographics or people who fall in certain socio-economic classes. You can identify demographics that you want to target across the country.

Programmatic marketing promises to be a game changer because it fine-tunes the marketing process, and in the process, delivers much higher return on investment because you’re only paying for very specific advertisements that are highly effective and are delivered to the people that you want to target at exactly the right time. Programmatic marketing means an end to the system that requires you to sign on for a certain amount of marketing spend and binds you to a contract. You have no way of knowing if this advertising spend is helping you reach out to the right demographics or your desired categories.

With programmatic marketing, that confusion is at an end. You know exactly what categories you are targeting, and the ads are designed to be highly effective and appeal to those categories.

How does programmatic marketing differ from other strategies?

With programmatic marketing, you can deliver a specific marketing message to exactly the right potential customers at the right time. Context is highly important in these marketing strategies. Programmatic marketing allows your audience to receive your marketing messages in the right context and, therefore, takes customization of advertising and marketing beyond all known boundaries, allowing you to experiment with much greater personalization of your marketing messages and media channels.

That means that your marketing campaigns are much more targeted and much more specific. You don’t lose money, or precious time with any “shoot in the dark” kind of marketing strategy that doesn’t allow you to control your marketing targets, the timing of the marketing messages, and other very important variables in your campaign. Whereas all earlier marketing strategies were based very heavily on the gross numbers that were reached, programmatic marketing allows you to reach the specific people that are interested in your product and service, at the right time.

How does programmatic marketing work?

Programmatic marketing is accomplished by using algorithms and software, and optimizes the essential processes of buying and placing advertisements, making the entire campaign much more efficient.

Say, for instance, you need to target a specific type of demographic. A website that has sufficient space for your type of advertisement exchanges data about the type of customers who visit that website, their surfing patterns on the website and other important information with an ad marketplace. If the ad marketplace deems that the site and ad are a fit, it will have place the advertisement space that is available on the site on auction. The highest bidder will have his ad placed in that space.


All of this is automated, and the highest amount that each individual advertiser is willing to bid is already fed into the system. Therefore, the entire process can be completed in a fraction of a second, resulting in instantaneous exposure of your brand to the customer. That means savings in time as well as money. Programmatic marketing is the way forward in digital marketing, and promises to become the way that businesses target audiences in the months ahead.

If you want more evidence that programmatic marketing is the way forward for your business, consider these statistics. In 2019, according to estimates by the Magna Global Programmatic Intelligence report, programmatic marketing will account for half of all advertising spend. That means significant growth, and you, as a small business owner, must begin to learn about how you can leverage these digital marketing tools to maximize the return on your marketing investment.

There will always be a market for the old world style of advertising, where large chunks of advertisement space are purchased to display ads to different categories of customers, over lengthy periods of time. However, programmatic marketing promises to be a game changer for clients who want more targeted and specific advertising.

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