How To Know When It’s Time For A Redesign Of Your Website

Today websites need frequent updating, and that’s a fact. Even the most well-trafficked websites frequently undergo updates and redesigns that keep them looking fresh, and attractive to visitors. The worst thing that you can do is to simply let your website be, while research continues to indicate that customers are beginning to change their surfing, and even shopping habits.

How can you tell that your website may be up for a redesign?

Read on.

Is your website traffic dropping?
If your traffic is on the decline, it is time to get serious. A number of different factors could be responsible for this. The design of your website could be one.

How long has it been since your website underwent a redesign?
If your website has been online for more than a year, and you haven’t bothered with any touchups or updates, it might be time for one. Remember, websites are not blogs, and have static content. If your content is old and outdated, you might find that it does not mirror the very frequent changes in customer tastes and preferences that we’re seeing these days. An updated website design is likely to show up very poorly in search engine rankings. That automatically leads to lower traffic to your website. If people aren’t seeing your website, they are not shopping on your site.

Is your website looking outdated?
Look at your website with fresh eyes, or ask someone else to look at it for you. Existing layouts might seem old and irrelevant. Remember, website design and Internet traffic patterns are frequently evolving sciences, and new research indicates that layouts that convince visitors to stay on your website for longer help them make more conversion-related decisions. Broken images can look ugly, while website clutter which might have seemed sensible enough when you first designed your website, now no longer seems relevant. There might be bad links that help lose potential customers.

A website design is also essential when you are trying to update your brand, add new products, or change your marketing strategy in any way. If you’re launching a new brand, you might need a completely new design.

Take an objective look at content on your website, and see what could possibly need changing. Are the Contact forms simply designed and easy to fill out? Are the call-to- action tabs located in an easy- to- find location? Is the content precise and relevant? Is the content referring to terms and ideologies that are two years old? Compare your website with competitor’s websites and see the difference.

If you have recently added new products, or have changed the direction of your business, a website redesign is needed. This is especially true in the case of e-commerce websites, where change is the norm. If you are introducing new categories, new lines of products, or making other changes that must reflect on your website, a change in design is essential.

If your website serves as a base for an online community, you are likely to get feedback from community users about the website. There are changes that your users might prefer to see, and you can take these factors into account to plan a redesign.

Finally, your website must be updated to be mobile-friendly. A non-mobile-friendly website is difficult to navigate, and the average customer will become frustrated, and give up trying to access your site altogether. These are mistakes that you just can’t afford to make.

Fortunately, setting up a mobile-friendly site, or tweaking your website design to attract more traffic and convert more leads can be simple with the help of the right professionals. Speak to the media professionals at the VS Media Group for help getting the most out of your website.

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