Driving Results Since 1974

VS Media Group is a diversified multi-media company committed to delivering innovative experiences across all platforms. At the heart of our portfolio is a broad array of niche publications, as well as targeted digital advertising solutions that connect advertisers with our audiences.


Since 1974, VS Media Group has been at the forefront of the publishing industry. Today we are Central Florida’s leading publisher of high-end in-room hotel and tourist-related visitor publications and lifestyle magazines, designed to reach and appeal to Central Florida visitors and hyper-local audiences.

We have an undisputed reputation for excellence and community partnerships. Over time, VS Media Group has evolved into a full service media company helping advertisers, brands and agencies get more results by adding digital advertising solutions.

The company's operations currently include 8 niche tourism publications, 14 custom publications, over 50 digital services, a local magazine, 4 web properties and the VS Digital Ad Network. VS Media Group is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and can reach more than 40 million people monthly through its niche publications, online properties and the VS Media Ad Network.


From start to finish we're with you.


VS Media has a team of digital branding experts to help in all aspects of strategy: formulation, implementation and execution.


We recognize it is important to participate in the proper media channels whether it's digital, print or social. We are experts in creating an integrated campaign.


Target any level, or combination of demographics; build custom and look-alike audiences based on existing users, site visitors and customers to spike traffic. We continually test myriad creative and copy variants to optimize ROI.


We continue advertising to individuals that have already spent time on your site wherever they are on the web. We will create and manage your retargeting accounts to generate the highest ROI for your campaigns and re-engage potential customers before they are gone for good.
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